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Creekside Park

Creekside Park is 20+ acres of parkland anchored by the pond behind City Hall.

Approved by City Council in 2022, the conceptual master plan for Creekside Park includes notable elements such as a constructed wetland area, terraced seating, an amphitheater with a deck over the water, viewing and gathering opportunities, a 15' wide trail around the pond leading up to East Johns Crossing, and a small playground.

Creekside Park will transform the roughly 20 acres of existing City land in Town Center to include a constructed wetland area (within the existing south pond area) connected up to Creekside Park’s north pond (behind City Hall) by a 15’ wide trail. Additional elements surrounding the pond will include terraced seating, an amphitheater with a deck over the water, and a small playground. On the north and west sides of the lake, opposite City Hall, more terraced seating provides additional viewing and gathering opportunities. With the engineering and environmental permitting begun in 2022, Council’s goals for 2023 include completing engineering and environmental permitting, beginning necessary right-of-way acquisition, hosting special events in Town Center, and exploring if a portion or phase of Creekside Park (outside of wetlands and stream buffer so as not to require EPD variance and/or USACE permitting) could be readied more quickly for construction.