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Strategic Priorities

City Council will focus on five strategic priorities this year.

Arts & Culture | Economic Development | Public Safety | Recreation & Parks | Transportation & Connectivity

Arts & Culture

From community partnerships to public art, City Council is focusing on a strategic plan for arts, culture, supporting performing arts, and creating an arts district. Earlier in 2024, Council adopted a new policy encouraging public art and establishing the appropriateness of the City having a role in public art. Council is seeking to define its role in arts and culture and strives to strengthening the partnership with the Johns Creek Arts Center.

Economic Development

City Council is interested in seeking appropriate redevelopment and encouraging adaptive reuse, as well as the continued focus on retention and expansion of existing businesses. The City will focus efforts on promoting, marketing, and being more welcoming and supportive of businesses (including using innovative technologies) with the Johns Creek Chamber of Commerce. Continuing the advancement of the Town Center, Council seeks to designate an entertainment or “night life” district and revisiting the food/alcohol percentage split requirements for businesses serving alcohol.

Public Safety

In addition to continued investment in staff, equipment, and vehicles, City Council is focused on innovative technologies and expansions of existing technologies used. The City is working to complete construction documents for the Fire Station #63 / Police South Precinct rebuild and continues to support community safety programs, the Clinician Officer Response Team (CORT), and employee assistance programs.

Recreation & Parks

City Council continues investments in existing programs, and is exploring additional projects such as trails, an indoor recreation facility, and healthy living initiatives to continue providing a high quality of life for our community. Council is focused on the current and future phase of the makerspace at Cauley Creek Park, planning for greenspace/future park along Johns Creek Parkway, additional parking at Cauley Creek Park, and construction funding for the Chattahoochee River Greenway. The City is exploring additional partnerships with Emory Johns Creek Hospital and Fulton County Schools to promote healthy living.

Transportation / Connectivity

City Council continues to invest in transportation projects such as trails, pedestrian and cycling connections, multi-modal transportation, as well as innovative technologies for traffic calming and traffic control. The City is exploring additional pedestrian connections and lighting, as well as further collaborations with Georgia Department of of Transportation (GDOT), Safe Routes to School, and the Georgia Community Options program.

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