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Customer Self-Service Portal

The new CSS Portal empowers citizens and businesses to get things done more conveniently and efficiently. You can manage your applications, plan submittals, invoice payments, and inspection requests from your computer or mobile device 24/7. 

How to Start:

Before you begin, we encourage you to watch the video tutorials or read the guidelines demonstrating how to use the system, and then create your CSS Portal User Account. A User Account required to submit applications, make payments, and conduct other business, though anyone may access public information in EnerGov.

Permits in the CSS Portal per Department:

Community Development

Planning & Zoning (

  • Rezoning and/or Special Use (pre-application meeting required)
  • Variance (pre-application meeting required)
  • Fences
  • Signs/Banners
  • Administrative Permit (Special Event, Filming, Roadside Sales)
  • Zoning Certification
  • Special Events (Private)

Land Development (

  • Land Disturbance
  • Minor Land Disturbance
  • Final Plat or Minor Plat
  • Bond Requests
  • Tree Removal

Building (

  • New Commercial/Residential Permits
  • Accessory Structures
  • Additions/Alterations
  • Cell Tower
  • Demolition
  • Decks/Porches
  • Pool/Spa
  • Retaining Wall
  • Trade Applications

Fire Department

Fire Marshal (

  • Fire Suppression/Sprinkler Systems (Commercial Only)
  • Fire Alarms (Commercial Only)
  • Smoke Control (Evacuation) Systems (Commercial Only)


Revenue (

Business License and Occupational Tax

Public Works 


  • Right-of-way Encroachments
  • Small Cell Encroachments

Need additional help?

Please contact each department listed above for any assistance. If you need any general technical support, please email

User Guides

User Guide Videos

How to Register as a Contractor in CSS

How to register as a contractor in Johns Creek using the Customer Self-Service (CSS) Portal:

How to Apply for a Permit in CSS

How to apply for a permit using the Customer Self-Service Portal:

How to Apply for a Business License in CSS

How to renew a Johns Creek Business License in the Customer Self-Service (CSS) Portal: