Fire Alarms

The review of these plans is to ensure the proper design and calculations are provided for compliance, with the above listed code, prior to the installation of the fire alarm and smoke detection system.

No.     Fire Code Compliance Item

This code reference shall be placed on the cover sheet of your drawings "These plans were reviewed using NFPA 72; National Fire Code; 2019 Ed."

A-002    Provide floor plans to include room designations and room dimensions NFPA 72; Chap. 7; Sect 7.4.5; 2019 Ed.

A-003    Provide a sheet that identifies the matrix of operations for all systems and devices, with any design assumptions. NFPA 72; Chap. 7; Sect. 7.2.1(4); 2019 Ed.

A-004    Provide point to point wiring diagrams including end of line resistors. NFPA 72; Chap. 7; Sect. 7.4.8; 2019 Ed.

A-006    Provide appliance / device / equipment spec sheets. NFPA 72; Chap. 7; Sect. 7.2.1(5); 2019 Ed.

A-008    Provide a copy of low voltage license. NFPA 72; Chap. 10; sect. 10.5.2; 2019 Ed.

A-010    Is building equipped with an automatic sprinkler system? Authority Having Jurisdiction.

A-012    Provide mounting heights of pull stations (42-54 inches above finished floor). Georgia Accessibility Code; Chap. 3; Sect 308; 2010 Ed.

A-014    Provide mounting heights of strobes wall mount (80 inches above finished floor). Ceiling mounted strobe maximum of 30 feet above finished floor. NFPA 72; Chap. 18; Sect., and; 2019 Ed.

A-016    Provide automatic sprinkler riser details if more than (1) riser is installed. Authority Having Jurisdiction.

A-018    Provide symbols for devices used in fire alarm and identify candela size. NFPA 72; Chap. 7; Sect. 7.2.3; 2019 Ed.

A-020    Provide class of system. NFPA 72; Chap. 12; Sect. 12.3; 2019 Ed.

A-022    Provide secondary power supply. NFPA 72; Chap. 10; Sect. 10.6.7; 2019 Ed.

A-024    Provide plenum rated wire above ceiling. NFPA 72; Chap. 7; Sect 7.4.5 (12).

A-026    Provide Non-plenum rated wire. NFPA 72; Chap. 7; Sect. 7.4.5 (12).

A-028    Provide annunciator panel location in lobby / reception area or at a constantly attended location. NFPA 72; Chap. 10; Sect. 10.18.3; 2019 Ed.

A-030    Verify Fire Alarm control panel location. Make sure it is placed in a UL approved protected enclosure or placed in an environmentally protected area. Must meet the temperature ranges of 32 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. NFPA 72; Chap. 10; Sect.; 2019 Ed.

A-032    Identify all Fire Alarm zones at annunciator. NFPA 72; Chap. 10; Sect. 10.18.4; 2013 Ed.

A-034    Hood system shall be wired to Fire Alarm. NFPA 17A; Chap. 5; Sect. 5.3.1. 2019 Ed.

A-036    Provide detector in Elevator lobby. NFPA 101; Chap. 9; Sect.; 2018 Ed.

A-038    Provide detector above Fire Alarm Control panel. NFPA 72; Chap. 10; Sect. 10.4.4., 2019 Ed.

A-040    Verify if HVAC duct detectors show trouble and shut unit down. NFPA 72; Chap. 17; Sect.; 2019 Ed.

A-042    Provide a smoke or heat detector for Automatic door release. NFPA 72; Chap. 17; Sect.; 2019 Ed.

A-044    Provide supervision for Dry pipe sprinkler systems. NFPA 72; Chap. 17; Sect; 2019 Ed.

A-046    Provide supervision for Control valves. NFPA 72; Chap. 17; Sect. 17.16.1; 2019 Ed.

A-048    Provide supervision for Pressure sources. NFPA 72; Chap. 17; Sect; 2013 Ed.

A-050    Provide supervision for Water level. NFPA 72; Chap. 17; Sect. 17.16.3; 2019 Ed.

A-052    Provide supervision for Water temperature. NFPA 72; Chap. 17; Sect 17.16.4; 2019 Ed.

A-054    Provide supervision for Fire pump. NFPA 72; Chap. 23; Sect.; 2019 Ed.

A-056    Provide supervision for automatic phone dialer for offsite monitoring. NFPA 72; Chap. 26; Sect.; 2019 Ed.

A-058    Provide voice evacuation in places of assembly with an occupant load of 300 persons or more. NFPA 101; Chap. 12; Sect; 2018 Ed.

A-060    Provide voice evacuation with alternate power supply. NFPA 101; Chap. 9; Sect.; 2018 Ed.

A-062    Verify if speakers override sound system. NFPA 101; Chap. 9; Sect.; 2012 Ed.

A-064    Provide voice evacuation with automatic operation. NFPA 101; Chap. 9; Sect.; 2018 Ed.

A-066    Provide voice evacuation with microphone and manual override. NFPA 101; Chap. 9; Sect.; 2018 Ed.

A-068    Provide a fire alarm and/or smoke detection system complying with the requirements of the occupancy chapter of the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code, 20182 Ed.

A-070    Provide mini horn in apartment dwelling units to achieve minimum db. Authority having Jurisdiction.