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Cory Rayburn

Stormwater Manager

678-512-3285 11360 Lakefield Drive
Johns Creek, GA 30097

Stormwater Management

Every time it rains some of the water enters the ground, but the rest of the precipitation runs off over the land surface directly into streams, rivers, and lakes. This is known as stormwater runoff and the land area that drains to these bodies of water is called a watershed.

Pet Waste Responsibility

Properly disposing of your pet waste is an important part of responsible pet ownership. Dog waste can harm other pets, people, your yard, and our watershed. Learn about the City’s ordinance about proper pet solid waste and what you can do to help improve our water quality.

Drug Disposal

Proper disposal of unused medications are crucial to the health of our watershed, including our namesake Johns Creek. Dispose of your unused medications in the Drug Drop-Box in the lobby of City Hall. 

Keep Stormdrains Clear

As leaves begin to fall in your yard this autumn, please be mindful in how you get rid of them. Please do not blow or rake leaves or lawn clippings into storm drains as they can clog drains and lead to flooding. Please remember: storm drains lead to our watersheds, streams, rivers, and lakes.

What Can I Do?

Check out our Stormwater Credit Manual for ways to reduce your impact and get a credit on your Stormwater utility bill. Examples include building a rain garden in your yard, participating in a stream cleanup, and more!

Autrey Mill Adopt-A-Stream Program

Autrey Mill Nature preserve hosts periodic clean-ups of waterways in Johns Creek. Participants can learn about the stream health, wildlife and the ecosystems, and earn community service hours.