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Gilbert Quinones

Land Development Manager

678-512-3284 11360 Lakefield Drive
Johns Creek, GA 30097

Properly disposing of your pet waste is an important part of responsible pet ownership. Dog waste can harm other pets, people, your yard, and our watershed.

Our Yards & Parks

Leaving pet waste on your lawn can harm your yard. It is high in nitrogen and phosphorus, which can burn yellow spots in the grass if left on the lawn. The same is true for parks, as pet waste pollutes open green spaces and landscaped gardens.

Our Streams & Waterways

Bacteria from pet waste is carried into our streams by rain and stormwater, polluting the waterways. A high concentration of bacteria in streams increases the risk for illness and disease in humans, pets, and wildlife.

Our Ordinance

The Mayor and Council adopted an amendment to the City Code to address water quality issues in Cauley Creek, Johns Creek, and Long Indian Creek. The amendment establishes requirements for the proper disposal of pet solid waste in the City of Johns Creek to protect public health, safety, and welfare.

What You Can Do

Scoop the poop! Help improve our water quality and do your part in picking up after your pet.