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PACT (Neighborhood Watch)

Through the City's PACT (Police and Community Together) program residents and police officers work together to identify issues in neighborhoods to prevent future crimes and clarify any misinformation about alleged criminal incidents. (see brochure)

PACT functions as a Neighborhood Watch, where residents and the JCPD work together for the prevention and detection of criminal activity within their neighborhood.

PACT Neighborhood WatchA PACT officer is assigned to each residential neighborhood or homeowner's association (HOA). The officer acts as a liaison and develops a relationship with the neighborhood, meeting on a regular basis to discuss concerns residents may have and sharing safety information.

Fill out the HOA / Neighborhood Information form to tell us about your association and stay up to date with the latest information and services for homeowner/neighborhood associations in the City of Johns Creek.
For more information or to arrange a meeting with your neighborhood, contact Sgt. Dimitri Caldwell at 678-474-1566 or email Dimitri.Caldwell@JohnsCreekGA.gov