Wet Chemical Systems

Wet chemical systems used in commercial cooking application are reviewed to ensure that they are designed and installed according to requirements in the adopted codes.

No.     Fire Code Compliance Item

Plans & Pipe Layout

W-002    Front & side elevations
W-004    Component specifications
W-006    Agent flow calculations

Deep Fat Fryer

W-010    surface width
W-012    surface length
W-014    drip pan length
W-016    nozzle type
W-018    nozzle flows
W-020    nozzle number
W-030    total hazard nozzle flows


W-032    surface width
W-034    surface length
W-036    nozzle type
W-038    nozzle flows nozzle number
W-040    total hazard nozzle flows


W-042    surface width
W-044    surface length
W-046    nozzle type
W-048    nozzle flows
W-050    nozzle number
W-052    total hazard nozzle flows

Radiant Charbroiler

W-054    surface width
W-056    surface length
W-058    fuel depth
W-060    nozzle type
W-062    nozzle flows
W-064    nozzle number
W-066    total hazard nozzle flows

Radiant Charbroiler (Synthetic Rock)

W-068    surface width
W-070    surface length
W-072    fuel depth
W-074    nozzle type
W-076    nozzle flows
W-078    nozzle number
W-080    total hazard nozzle flows

Charbroiler (Natural Class "A")

W-082    surface width
W-084    surface length
W-086    fuel depth
W-088    nozzle type
W-090    nozzle flows
W-092    nozzle number
W-094    total hazard nozzle flows

Upright Broiler

W-096    surface width
W-098    surface length
W-100    rack/top of broiler height
W-102    drip pan/rack height
W-104    nozzle type
W-106    nozzle flows
W-108    nozzle number
W-110    total hazard nozzle flows

Chain Broiler (Closed Top)

W-112    surface width
W-114    surface length
W-116    rack/top of broiler height
W-118    drip pan/rack height
W-120    rack/top of broiler height
W-122    drip pan/ rack height
W-124    nozzle type
W-126    nozzle flows
W-128    nozzle number
W-130    total hazard nozzle flows

Chain Broiler (Open Top)

W-132    surface width
W-134    surface length
W-136    length of top opening
W-138    width of top opening
W-140    broiler surface/obstruction
W-142    nozzle type
W-144    nozzle flows
W-146    nozzle number
W-148    total hazard nozzle flows


W-150    surface diameter
W-152    depth
W-154    nozzle type
W156    nozzle flows
W-158    nozzle number
W-160    total hazard nozzle flows

Exhaust System Protection

W-168    duct length
W-170    duct width
W-172    duct diameter
W-174    nozzle flows
W-176    total hazard nozzle flows


W-178    plenum length
W-180    plenum width
W-182    plenum diameter
W-184    nozzle flows
W-186    nozzle number
 W-188    total hazard flow points

Design Parameters

W-190    number of flow points
W-192    number of cylinder (flows/cylinder)
W-194    flow point balance

System Components

W-196    cylinder location
W-200    linear_______ft. max. ______ft. min.
W-202    equivalent______ft.. max. ________ft. min.



W-204    mechanical temp_________f
W-206    electrical temp_________f
W-208    placement
W-210    mounting

Fuel Service

W-214    pipe size


W-218    type
W-220    length of main supply
W-222    length of branch supply
W-224    number of tees & ells

Remote Pull Station

W-228    electrical_______________ mechanical____________________
W-230    placement (in the means of egress)
W-232    mounting height
W-234    operating instructions posted

Control Head

W-236    electrical_______________ mechanical____________________
W-238    Model______________________________________
W-240    fuel/power supply shut off location
W-242    Solenoid/valve location

Special Equipment

W-244    fire alarm system interconnection
W-246    non standard application max. temp_____f min. temp_______f
W-248    Exhaust fan shutdown
W-250    fire extinguisher rating________________    placement___________________________________________________