Community Development reviews proposed developments to ensure they meet the criteria for zoning, setbacks, buffers and other regulations to ensure orderly and quality growth and development in Johns Creek.

Zoning functions include reviewing and processing Administrative Variances, Administrative Permits (including event applications), Sign Permits, Fence Permits, and Building Permits for zoning purposes. In addition, staff reviews, processes and drafts recommendations of approval or denial for land use petitions and variances. 

The Johns Creek Zoning Ordinance regulates permitted base and accent colors for all buildings except single-family detached dwellings. Permitted colors are as listed in Table 12E.4.D in the Zoning Ordinance, under the PANTONE® system, which is known as the standard language for color communication across a variety of industries. Glass, natural stones and sign faces are excluded from the color requirements, and all whites, greys and blacks are allowed.