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Municipal Court FAQs

What happens when I go to court? What can I expect on my court date?

The court date you received from the police officer or jailor is your Arraignment (1st appearance) date. The Judge will make extensive announcements concerning your rights and what to expect during the 1st appearance. It is highly recommended that you attend and listen closely to the Judge's announcement.

You may plead guilty and pay your fine(s) or have an opportunity to speak with the City Solicitor to discuss your case.

If you plead not guilty, your case will not be tried on this day. You will be given a new court date which will be for your trial, at which the police officer will be present.

How should I dress?
Please dress appropriately for court (no tank/halter tops, muscle shirts, shorts, ragged clothing, etc.; see the dress code here).

How do I pay my fine?
After allowing 7-10 business days from the issue date on citation, you may call 1-678-359-2783, (24 hours day / 7 days per week).

You may dispose of certain violations before your assigned court date by accessing the online payments website. If your citation is payable, you may either pay it online or by mail.

Please note there is a service fee to cover the cost of the secure and convenient payment service accepting all major debit and credit cards both online and by phone (5%) and in person (3.5%). Online payments may be made no later than 10:00 p.m. on your day of court if your appearance is not required in court.

To pay-by-phone, receive court dates, and ticket amounts or general information, please call 678-359-2783, (24 hours day / 7 days per week).

If you have multiple citations you must dispose of all citations at the same time. If one or more violations is a "must appear" (requires a court appearance to resolve), you may not pay online.

Understand that paying by mail or on-line may result in points being assessed to your drivers history.

Does the court take checks?
No. Johns Creek Municipal Court accepts the following methods of payment: cash (in person only), money order, cashier's check, and all major debit and credit cards.Please note there is a service fee to cover the cost of the secure and convenient payment service accepting all major debit and credit cards both online and by phone (5%) and in person (3.5%). Depending on your charge, you may also pay online.

Can I negotiate a plea?
Yes. You may accomplish this by speaking to one of the Solicitors/Prosecutors. This may only be done on your assigned court date by asking for a pre-trial after the Judge calls your name during calendar call. The Solicitors will be in the court room approximately 30 minutes before court begins to work with the attorneys. The Solicitors do not leave until everyone has had the opportunity to speak to him/her.

What are my plea options?
The information listed below is NOT legal advice as you have many rights available to you.

Plea of Guilty: An admission of Guilt. Depending on the offense, this plea may apply points to your drivers history or have other adverse affects.

Plea of Not Guilty: By pleading not guilty, you may request a bench trial or if applicable, you may request your case be bound over to Fulton County for a jury trial.

Plea of Nolo Contendere (Often known as Nolo or No Contest): This plea is only available once every five (5) years and is discretionary. This plea requires your appearance in court.

What if I miss my court date?
If you fail to appear for court and have not paid your fine prior to your court date as indicated on your citation copy, you will be subjected to serious penalties and will be required to appear in court at a later date and time to address your failure to appear with the Judge. Your privilege to drive (license) may be suspended by the Department of Driver Services and the court may issue a warrant for your arrest until such time you appear in court.

What if I don't appear at my hearing or pay my fine?
If you fail to appear for court and fail to pay your fine before your court date, you will be subjected to serious penalties. Your privilege (license) to drive will be suspended and the court will issue a warrant for your arrest.

Can I always just pay the fine no matter what the charge?
No. Certain charges require a court appearance and carry a fine that is judge-imposed.

Will the court appoint an attorney to represent me?
If you are indigent and meet the requirements, the court may appoint an attorney to represent you. The court requires completion of an application and financial statement and will make a decision upon review of these documents. You may ask for an application when you appear for your arraignment or you may pick one up at the Court Services Office.

How do I get a copy of my police report or video?
Call the Johns Creek Police Records Department at 678-474-1600. You may pick up a copy of your report at the Police Department, which is also located at 11360 Lakefield Drive (the same address as the Municipal Court). Reports are usually completed within 5 business days.

Is there a cost for police reports?
Yes. Accident reports are $5.00. Incident reports are .10 cents per page.

How can I speak to the detective/investigator assigned to my case?
Call 678-474-1576 and your call will be directed to the right person.