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Trina G. Dargin

Court Administrator, Clerk of Court

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Important Note

Persons 20 years of age or younger must appear in court and should not proceed to pay online as this may result in suspension of your driver’s license. 

Payments can be made in person from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or online. Please note there is a service fee to cover the cost of the secure and convenient payment service accepting all major debit and credit cards both online and by phone (5%) and in person (3.5%).
Online payments may be made no later than 10 p.m. on your day of court if your appearance is not required in court.

To pay-by-phone, receive court dates, and ticket amounts or general information, please call 678-359-2783, (24 hours day / 7 days per week).

To pay online you must read and agree to the following:

You have been issued a traffic citation or summons by the City of Johns Creek. Police officers are not authorized to set or accept Cash Traffic Bonds.

If you are permitted to show your driver’s license in lieu of bail pursuant to Georgia Code 17-6-11, presentation of the license does not excuse you from appearing in court and answering the charges against you. Your failure to appear as directed shall result in the automatic suspension of your driver’s license by the Georgia Department of Driver’s Services.

The Municipal Court of the City of Johns Creek has established a Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) to assist the public in disposing of minor traffic violations.

Pursuant to order of the Johns Creek Municipal Court, a schedule of cash bonds has been established, according to the particular offense charged. When a person cited for a violation pays a cash bond according to the schedule set up by the Johns Creek Municipal Court, and fails to appear, or chooses not to appear in court on the day and the time set in the original citation, that failure to appear will be construed as an admission of guilt, and the cash bond may/shall be forfeited without the necessity for the statutory procedure provided for the forfeiture of statutory bail bonds. A judgment of guilty shall be entered accordingly, ordering the case disposed of and settled. The proceeds of the cash bond shall be applied and distributed as any fine imposed by the Johns Creek Municipal Court would be.

The TVB is a voluntary program for the convenience of the public. Everyone charged with a traffic violation is entitled to all of the protections of the law, including a trial by jury, to be presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, representation by an attorney, and other rights which will be explained by the Court on the day set on the citation. If a person posts a cash bond with the TVB, he/she may still appear on the date and time set on the citation, and may still plead not guilty and request a trial, along with other options that will be explained by the Court.

If a person posting a bond chooses not to appear, he/she shall give up all of those rights previously explained above. Further, a record of the posting of a cash bond and failing to appear in court will be provided by the TVB to the Georgia Department of Driver’s Services. The posting of a bond with the TVB, and not appearing for court will in most cases result in the assessment of points against a person’s license.

If you have any question about the TVB procedure, your rights, or about the status of your license, you should determine the answers to those questions by consulting an attorney or otherwise, before using the TVB process.

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