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Cory Rayburn

Stormwater Manager

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Johns Creek, GA 30097

Current Projects

Creekside Park

Regional Stormwater Management

Creekside Park reimagines and activates roughly 20 acres of existing City land in the Town Center to include a constructed wetland area (within the existing south pond area) connected up to Creekside Park’s north pond (behind City Hall) by a 15’ wide trail. Additional elements surrounding the pond will include terraced seating, an amphitheater with a deck over the water, and a small playground. On the north and west sides of the lake, opposite City Hall, more terraced seating provides additional viewing and gathering opportunities. The City continues the environmental permitting process and right-of-way acquisition, and is expected to start construction in summer 2024.

The Creekside Park project will function as a regional stormwater facility providing detention for future development in the surrounding area. The constructed wetlands will serve as an ecological sanctuary and provide an economic incentive for new and redevelopment within the Town Center. The overall project will result in a net increase in water quality improvements and reduce downstream channel erosion.

Estimated completion date: winter 2025

Town Center Stream Restoration

This project entails restoring approximately 1,500 linear feet of stream bank directly adjacent to the Creekside Park improvements. Stream bank stabilization techniques will reduce erosion and prevent sediment from impacting downstream properties. This project will improve water quality and reduce channel erosion to downstream property owners. The project is listed in the Johns Creek Watershed Stormwater Master Plan (January 2023) and will provide opportunities to educate the public on stormwater management and water resource conservation.

Estimated completion date: summer 2025

Fire Station #61 Retrofit Project

This project will bring the current Fire Station #61 up to current standards with regard to stormwater runoff requirements. Improved drainage features include bioretention areas, cisterns, and updating the existing detention pond to improve overall water quality and protect downstream property owners from sediment sources.  Fire Station #61 has been identified in the Johns Creek Watershed Stormwater Master Plan (January 2023) as a retrofit project to improve overall water quality and reduce sediment sources to downstream property owners.

Estimated Completion: spring 2025

Shakerag Park Floating Treatment Wetlands

The Shakerag Park Floating Treatment Wetlands is a small water quality improvement project that involves planting wetland plants on the edge and middle of Shakerag Park pond. The plants on the edge of the pond will absorb pollution and will help deter the presence of Canada Geese from occupying the adjacent playground area. The floating wetlands in the middle of the pond will both reduce pollutants and provide fish habitat to improve the recreational value of the existing fishing pier. The Cauley Creek Watershed Stormwater Master Plan identifies this project as a means of improving overall water quality.

Estimated Completion: winter 2024