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Jones Bridge Road Widening (Waters Road to State Bridge Road)

Latest update (April 26, 2024)

Construction Project Progress: Crews continue construction of the retaining walls and concrete has been poured for sidewalk in several areas along Jones Bridge Road widening project (Waters Road to State Bridge Road). All Sawnee EMC utilities have been relocated from Waters Road to Buice Road, and additional utility providers have started their relocations.

Additional storm drain lines will be installed and curb, gutter, and sections of sidewalk will continue to be poured along the project route.

The road widening project will provide a three-lane roadway with deceleration lanes into neighborhoods and improved egress from neighborhoods where appropriate. It also will provide longer carpool queuing lines and school bus lines at Dolvin Elementary which will remove more of the school traffic from the main travel lanes thus decreasing congestion.

The project, expected to be completed in summer 2025, addresses pedestrian safety and access with a sidewalk on one side of the road and a wider trail on the other side of the road.

Medlock Bridge Road Intersection Improvements (Skyway Drive to Bell Road)

Latest Update (March 23, 2024)

Crews continue pouring sidewalk along the project route and plan to finish concrete work in the next two to three weeks so paving for the project’s widened areas can begin.

Construction is expected to be completed in late spring 2024.

Once paving is complete, signal reconfigurations for all three intersections along the project route will begin, as well as re-striping of the roadway.

Old Alabama Road Trail & Bike Lane

Latest update (April 10, 2024)

The Old Alabama Road Trail & Bike Lane project is now complete. The project includes a trail along Old Alabama Road from Autrey Mill Road to Spruill Road. It also includes the addition of a four-foot bike lane along the roadway and a right-turn lane for motorists turning from Spruill Road onto Old Alabama Road.

Barnwell Road at Holcomb Bridge Road Intersection Improvements

Latest update (April 19, 2024)

The Barnwell Road at Holcomb Bridge Road intersection improvement project is near completion with the sidewalk and pedestrian bridge open for use and temporary road striping is in place.

The project includes the addition of turn lanes, reshaping and regrading of the intersection to help traffic flow, and enhanced pedestrian connectivity.

Crews will install permanent pavement markings, handrail in front of the golf course, and guardrail at the bridge along Barnwell Road in the next few weeks.

Jones Bridge Road Trail & Bike Lane

Project Completed: March 2024

The project included the installation of a trail and bike lane along the roadway between Douglas Road and McGinnis Ferry Road. The project connects to the existing sidewalk and provides a connected corridor along Jones Bridge Road.

Medlock Bridge Road at Johns Creek Parkway Intersection Improvement

Project Completed: March 2024

As one of the intersection gateways leading into the Johns Creek Town Center area, the project included a sidewalk connection along the east side of Medlock Bridge Road from bell Road to Johns Creek Parkway and the addition of a through right-turn lane from northbound Medlock Bridge Road onto eastbound Johns Creek Parkway.

Buice Road Sidewalk

Latest Update: May 3, 2024

All underground drainage has been completed and the sidewalk and catch basin concrete has been poured.

IMG 8782
Crews will finish final grading, install sod, and complete asphalt paving in the next few weeks.

Crews will finish final grading, install sod, and complete a small portion of asphalt paving for the project, which fills a pedestrian connectivity gap along the northern side of Buice Road between Twingate Drive and Kingston Crossing Circle. The project also includes a substantial drainage upgrade.