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Fire Marshal

678-474-1648 Emergency: 911 11360 Lakefield Drive
Johns Creek, GA 30097

To help reduce delays in providing emergency assistance, all Johns Creek businesses with monitored alarm systems are required to install the Knox Rapid Entry System, per the City’s False Alarm Ordinance (Sect. 18-43 (g)). A Knox Rapid Entry System is also authorized by Section 506 of the International Fire Code.

Used by fire departments throughout the country, the primary component of the Knox Rapid Entry System is a key box unique to the jurisdiction in which it is located. Only the Johns Creek Fire Department has access to boxes used in this city. Use of the system may improve emergency service to building owners and occupants, and can result in savings by eliminating property damage from fire department forced entry.

Examples of structures or areas in which a key switch or key box is required include: locked outside entrances to stairways with enclosed standpipes; hazardous materials occupancies; building alarm system equipment locations; and occupancies where a large number of alarms occur, either for medical aid or fire, and entry is delayed.

How Does It Work?

A building owner installs or arranges for installation of a Knox key box on the exterior of the building at the main entrance point. The box will be equipped with a lock which can be opened only with a key that is issued solely to the Johns Creek Fire Department.

Emergency vehicles, such as medical aid units and fire trucks, are equipped with one key. At the time the Knox box is installed, the building owner arranges for the Fire Department to visit their facility, inspect the access keys that will be placed inside the Knox box, and then lock the access keys inside the Knox box using the special security key.

The building owner is not able to obtain a key to open the Knox box. If keys must be added or removed, arrangements must be made for the Johns Creek Fire Department to visit the facility to open the box, inspect the change of keys, and then lock the box. When emergency access is required, the arriving Fire Department member in charge removes the key from their Fire Department vehicle and opens the Knox box to remove the access keys.

After use, the Fire Department member places the access keys in the key box, and returns the special Knox box key inside the emergency vehicle.

Only the Johns Creek Fire Department will have access to this key and will be able to re-secure your property. Compliance to this requirement in the fire code is required.

Participating in the Knox System is simple:

  • Step 1:  Contact the Johns Creek Fire Marshal’s office at 678-474-1641 or Fire Marshal to select the appropriate Knox device for your location (Johns Creek requires the KNOX-BOX 3200 series with hinged door, black or brown in color), then place your order online at Knox Box.
  • Step 2:  Complete the Authorization/Order Form and pay particular attention to sections: Order By, Ship To and Installation Address.
  • Step 3:  If paying by check, make it payable to the Knox Company. Mail the completed form and check to the Knox Company, 1601 W Deer Valley Road, Phoenix, AZ 85027.
  • Step 4:  Coordinate the optimum location and height requirements for your installation with the Fire Marshal’s office (678-474-1641 or email Fire Marshal).
  • Step 5:  Schedule an inspection by the Fire Marshal to put the Knox switch or Knox box in service.