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Why Health, Wellness & Innovation?

  • Aids in the focus for economic development

  • Preserves residential footprint

  • Opens innovation opportunities

  • Uses our assets and strengths

  • Aim for a lasting legacy for the City

By the numbers

HCLS Businesses
HCLS People

Who is involved


  • Community activities, arts and culture, lifestyle
  • Opportunity for direct, positive intersection of business and residents
  • Healthcare innovation and evolving development fits in the mold of a residential community
  • Educational benefits on quality of life and resilient careers for all ages

Business & Economic Development

  • Workforce across economic capacities
  • Focus for economic development and City resources for an effectively concentrated impact
  • Partner with strong anchor organizations established in the community
  • Sense of identity: host professional, nationally-renowned events focused on healthcare


  • Health organizations
  • Educational institutions
  • Municipalities
  • Innovative companies