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TSPLOST Project List 

A list of potential projects to be funded by a temporary sales tax on the November ballot was approved by the Johns Creek City Council on Monday, May 23.

The project list consists of about 25 projects ranging from road widening to sidewalk additions. 

Approved by a majority of North Fulton voters outside Atlanta, Johns Creek could collect approximately $82 million in TSPLOST funds over five years. Cities are required under the legislation to draft a list of projects they would fund with the TSPLOST revenue.

Consultants Kimley Horn and Atkins, with input from City transportation engineers/planners and existing plans, studied North Fulton transportation networks. The consultants drafted a list of projects for each city, including Johns Creek. The Johns Creek City Council prioritized the list into three categories or Tier-level projects.  

Tier 1, the top priority, has 12 projects. The consultants assumed that for the Tier 1 list, the City would only collect 85 percent of the estimated revenue, or approximately $69 million.

For Tier 2, the consultants assumed the City would collect 100 percent of the projected revenue, or approximately $82 million. Tier 2 includes two projects.

If collections exceed 100 percent of the revenue generated by the tax, Tier 3 projects would be funded, approximately $12 million.

Provide your input on the concept designs for the TSPLOST projects.

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