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Recreation & Parks Advisory Committee

Recreation & Parks Advisory CommitteePurpose:

The Recreation & Parks Advisory Committee will provide input and recommendations to City Council in matters of policy of City-owned parks and the recreation programs operated in said parks, including direction on the City’s Recreation & Parks Strategic Pan and Park Bond program.


Email City Hall or call 678-512-3200

Meeting Schedule:

Third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Meeting locations may vary. Please check the City website & Calendar for updates. 


Mayor and City Council appointed 15 members to this committee. Members serve staggered terms. Of the first members appointed, eight members shall serve for a one-year term (Posts A-H), seven members shall serve for a two year term (Posts H-O).  After the initial appointments, reappointed and new members shall serve a two-year term.

Appointments to the Recreation & Parks Advisory Commitete as of Feb. 12, 2018:

1. POST A Expires 2-28-2019 Grace Zhang
2. POST B Expires 2-28-2019 Bill Rahm
3. POST C Expires 2-28-2019 Sheryl Ude
4. POST D Expires 2-28-2019 Mike Myslinski
5. POST E Expires 2-28-2019 Alla Umansky
6. POST F Expires 2-28-2019 Jennifer Rackley
7. POST G Expires 2-28-2019 Jordan Stastny
8. POST H Expires 2-28-2019 Chandler Yount
9. POST I (Vacant)
10.POST J Expires 2-28-2020 Sameer Patharkar
11.POST K Expires 2-28-2020 Shafiq Jadavji
12.POST L Expires 2-28-2020 Denny Jenkins
13.POST M Expires 2-28-2020 Chris Jackson
14.POST N Expires 2-28-2020 Nancy Martin
15. POST O Expires 2-28-2020 Christi Wynn