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Daffodil Days

Celebrate hope and community as represented by the daffodil in the City of Johns Creek.

In partnership with Children’s Entrepreneur Market, this event will usher in spring in Johns Creek.  Market will feature 100+ vendors run entirely by kids ages 5-17.

The Children’s Entrepreneur Market is an award-winning program that teaches young people about the power of entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership through experiential learning. Kids rise to the challenge of deciding what to sell, creating a booth, talking to customers, and handling money.

Date & Time

Saturday, April 13, 2024
11 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.


City Hall
11360 Lakefield Drive
Johns Creek, GA 30097


Free to attend!

Children's Entrepreneur Market
Event Highlight

Children’s Entrepreneur Market

Apply today to be a vendor in the Children’s Entrepreneur Market, where kids can sell items, talk to customers, and handle money.

Apply today

Event Highlights

  • Food Trucks

  • Live DJ

  • Johns Creek Beautification

  • Kids activities

Food Trucks

Children’s Entrepreneur Market Vendors

  • Scrunchies, headbands, bows by Ivory Twinz Kreations

  • Handmade Jewelry and Kits by The Bead Borough

  • Homemade Salt + Sugar Scrubs by GRRIT

  • Lemonade and fruit juice by TPQ Kids

  • Candle by Candles by Charlee

  • Sugar body scrub, body oil, hand sanitizer, baked goods by Ni Ni’s Sweet Treats

  • Dessert/appetizer/Indian lemonade by Desi Swaad (The Taste of India)

  • Bead Art, Bracelets by Cuteberry Crafts

  • Bricks/Lego Beyblades by Brick Spins

  • Cupcakes, brownies, water bottles by AVS Bakers

  • 3D printed fidgets and phone/ipad holders by Fidgets plus

  • Paracord bracelets and homemade jewelry by Homeschool Braider

  • Socks by Aaron and Alex’s Super Shop

  • Crochet Animals & Plushies and Cookies by Ellie’s Crochet Shop

  • Toys , candy, stickers and art by Dinowoody Market

  • Mugs, slime, snacks by Mason’s Minecraft World

  • Handmade dolls by Emilia

  • Keychains by AJA jewelry

  • Marshmallow treats by ‘mellows

  • Strawberry basil lemonade and baked goods by Livy’s Café

  • Snow Cones and a book by Panda Rolls

  • Plants and plant accessories by Plant Palace

  • Paper products (calendars, notebooks, etc) She also has a 360 photobooth. by The Girls Do Everything

  • Keychains, cookies, wood burned signs, soaps by 4 Krafty Kids

  • Pillows & Purses by The Pillow Factory

*Additional vendors will be on-site.