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Human Resources FAQs

How will I know when I can apply for a particular position?
Please check our website information routinely.

Must I be a resident to apply for a position in the City of Johns Creek?
No, there is no residency requirement.

Can I apply for open positions online?
Yes. Applications are only accepted online.

Can I apply for multiple jobs with one application?
No. The City's application process requires submitting a specific online employment application for each job.

Can I fax my resume?
No. We do not accept faxed resumes.

Can I submit a photocopied employment application?
We only accept online submittal of job applications.

Can I get a copy of my application to use for my interview?
No. Once a job application is filed, the Human Resources department cannot provide a copy of your application. All applicants are strongly encouraged to make their own personal copy prior to filing it with the Human Resources office.

Can I submit my resume instead of a city application?
No. All city positions require that you submit a City application.