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Transportation Master Plan

The City's Transportation Master Plan is currently being worked on and drafted.

A short and long range Transportation Master Plan analyzing the City's transportation infrastructure was finalized November 2008 as part of Comprehensive Plan 2030.

Guided by input from Johns Creek citizens and business owners, the Transportation Master Plan focuses on policies, supporting strategies and projects responding to the following issues and opportunities, which were identified during the planning process:

  • Facilitate safe and efficient movement of traffic along key corridors to minimize congestion.
  • Apply innovative approaches and technologies to improve mobility, safety and environmental quality.
  • Enhance capacity along key corridors while preserving existing character of two-lane residential roads.
  • Connect the sidewalk and multi-use trail network to allow safe pedestrian and bicycle travel throughout Johns Creek.
  • Explore public transportation options for commuter travel to the Atlanta core, airport and surrounding communities.
  • Whenever possible, encourage interconnectivity.

Appendix B of the Community Agenda provides additional detail regarding these supporting recommendations and the relationship between the policies, issues and opportunities.

In 2010, the six cities in North Fulton recognized the need for a cross-jurisdictional planning and adopted the North Fulton Comprehensive Transportation Plan. The plan identified proposed improvements in the North Fulton area and prioritized them into three tiers. 

The Atlanta Regional Commission has identified funding in 2016 to update the North Fulton Comprehensive Plan.  The update would include updating the project priority list, creating a regional bike/pedestrian plan and looking at multi-modal options.