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Business Tax Certificates

Business certificates and taxes in Johns Creek are administered, collected and enforced by the Revenue division. All persons, firms, companies, corporations and other business entities located or engaged in business in the City of Johns Creek are required to register their business with the City and obtain a business certificate by paying occupational taxes and administrative fees.

A new Business Tax Certificate return and the accompanying tax are due within 30 days of commencing business in the City, or no later than March 31 for renewal payments. These certificates are non-transferable. Additional licenses and permits may be required by the City for regulatory purposes.

Non-profits should submit a Non-profit Registration application with proof of 501c status.

Certificates are valid for a calendar year, Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, and returns must be filed by March 31 each year. Renewals received after this date are subject to a 10% late filing fee and interest.

The amount of tax is based on the total gross receipts of the business in combination with the most current profitability ratio, the number of employees and an administrative fee. Professional practitioners can opt to pay a flat fee. Insurers are subject to an annual license fee.

Refer to Revenue Fees and Taxes for rates, calculation details, the professional flat fee and annual license fee.

Renew online

Visit the City's Customer Self-Service Portal to renew your business license.

Business Licenses & Regulations 

The following types of business activities and establishments are subject to further regulation:

  • Pawnbrokers & pawnshops
  • Secondhand dealers
  • Solicitors / door-to-door salesmen
  • Panhandling
  • Taxicabs
  • Massage & spa establishments
  • Escort services
  • Charitable solicitation
  • Sexually oriented businesses

The required licenses and permits must be secured from the City prior to conducting or operating any of the above business activities. Contact the Revenue division at 678-512-3242 to inquire about obtaining a license for these business activities.

For additional information on Business Tax Certificates and regulations in Johns Creek visit the City Code, Chapter 22.

Business Changes 

  • Change address:  Submit a change of address form to the City.
  • Change business name/DBA: Submit a business name change form to the City.
  • Close/sell business or move out of city:  File a tax reconciliation form on the gross receipts reported on your previous business tax return. You may be due a refund (or owe additional taxes).