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Board of Zoning Appeals

Purpose: The purpose of the Johns Creek Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) is to decide on cases requesting variances and/or code interpretations on the regulatory ordinances of the city including but not limited to the:

Further, the board shall hear cases requesting an appeal to a staff interpretation and/or decision on the above referenced ordinances. Other ordinances adopted in the future that include regulatory requirements that affect building and development may come under the purview of this Board.

The BZA is a decision making board in that any appeal to its decisions shall be made to the Superior Court of Georgia.

Contact:  City Hall (678-512-3200) or Email Zoning Appeals

Documents (Current 6 Months)

June - Cancelled - No new business

May - Cancelled - No new business

April 18, 2017

V-17-002 |9555 Rod Road Status: Approved with Conditions

March 21, 2017


V-17-004 |9730 Farmbrook Lane  Status:  Approved with Conditions

February 21, 2017


V-17-003 3109 Haynesbrooke Lane  Status:  Approved with Conditions

January 17, 2017


V-17-001 | 1821 Ballybunion Drive  Status:  Approved with Conditions

December 20, 2016

V-16-024 365 Cotton Court  Status:  Approved with Conditions

V-16-025, V-16-026, V-16-027, V-16-028, V-16-029 
2000 Ray Moss Connector   Status: V-16-025 & V-16-028 -Withdrawn
V-16-026, V-16-027 & V-16-029 - Approved with Conditions

V-16-032 | 3121 Haynesbrooke Lane  
Status:  Approved with Conditions

V-16-033 | 960 Tiverton Lane   Status:  Approved with Conditions

V-16-034 | 1 Ebix Way   Status:  Approved with Conditions

November 15, 2016

V-16-024 365 Cotton Court  Status: Deferred until December 20, 2016

V-16-025, V-16-026, V-16-027, V-16-028, V-16-029 
2000 Ray Moss Connector   Status: Deferred until December 20, 2016

1060 Village Club Drive  Status:  Approved with Conditions

V-16-031 | 3018 Haynes Trail  Status:  Approved with Conditions

October 18, 2016

V-16-023 200 Winnipeg Lane | Status:  Partial Approval with conditions

September 20, 2016

V-16-019 | 11020 Bell Road| Status: Partial Approval with conditions
| 690 Saint Regis Lane | Status: Approved with conditions
| 4100 Old Alabama Road| Status: Withdrawn by the Board
V-16-022 | Old Alabama & Jones Bridge Road| Status: Approved with conditions


August 16, 2016

V-16-017 | 1187 Composer Lane 
| Status: Approved with conditions
| 4895 Candacraig | Status: Approved with conditions

Meeting Schedule

The Johns Creek Board of Zoning Appeals meets one Tuesday per month (see schedule below) at 7 pm in the City Council Chambers at 12000 Findley Road, Suite 300, Johns Creek, GA 30097.

Also see:  Current BZA Application Calendar


BZA members are appointed to posts and serve two-year, staggered terms as follows:

  • Post D - Edward Mitchell ** (Vice Chair)
  • Post E - Duane Armstrong **
  • Post F -  Ryan Kim**
  • Post G - John DiPietro ** (Chair)
  • Post A -  Carlos Carbonell *
  • Post B - Kirk Canaday *
  • Post C - Royce Reinecke *
* Term expires Feb. 28, 2018
** Term expires February 28, 2019