Enriching Local Quality of Life

Priority: Enriching Local Quality of Life 

People choose Johns Creek because of the exceptional quality of life not found anywhere else. Continuously maintaining and enriching that daily experience for citizens is critical. 

Enriching the Quality of LifeIt takes well-considered and continual focus on key aspects of daily life including making sure our community is safe, easing the way we all get around either by car, foot, or bike, supporting a wide variety of things to see, do and interact with, and protecting the health and welfare of citizens by promoting active lifestyles and creating a health environment. 

It also means providing pathways for civic engagement so citizens are contributing their ideas, their energy, and their perspective to City officials so the Johns Creek community never becomes satisfied with the status quo. 

In this regard the City of Johns Creek prides itself on being the ”ungovernment of governments,” regularly seeking community input, promoting transparency of meetings and information, ensuring responsiveness to citizens, and strengthening fiscal responsibility.


I will work to continuously enrich quality of life by leading the following initiatives:
  • Live streaming of City Council meetings so all citizens have an opportunity to witness their elected officials discussing and making decisions on policy changes, purchases, land planning, citizen requests, and other City business.
  • Support of the Complete Streets program to ensure that as changes are made to roadways across the City, opportunities are there for bikers and runners to travel safely in concert with motor vehicles.
  • Encourage responsible environmental management by supporting the use of “gray water” in Johns Creek to conserve potable water, and promoting reasonable green development as the community continues to grow.