Encouraging Vibrancy of Place

Priority: Encouraging Vibrancy of Place 

Vibrancy is at the heart of defining our community’s character, and in Johns Creek it is the essence of our distinctive identity. Nurturing that thriving and energetic vibrancy is critical to attracting and retaining a citizenry that continually cultivates and exceptional local quality of life.

A myriad of factors capture the essence of vibrancy in Johns Creek. Among them is a positive business climate where new employers are seeking Johns Creek as an ideal location to do business, and where existing companies expand within the City to create new job opportunities for our citizens. 

Vibrancy is found in the wealth of activities, programs, and facilities available through our vigorous Recreation and Parks department that fosters healthier living for all ages and interests.

A robust and accessible local arts and culture community encourages vibrancy by providing citizens with outlets for creative expression as well as opportunities to satisfy their desire for theater, artwork, dance, and performance. 

Our high-achieving local schools serve as centers of vibrancy where youth and learning converge for exciting results, and where parents and educators force strong relationships around a common goal. 

Vibrancy is in our proud neighborhoods where families grow together and generations of friends are cherished.