Advancing Economic Sustainability

Priority: Advance Economic Sustainability for Long-Term Prosperity 

Our local quality of life depends on a diverse economy that is resilient and responsive to changing conditions. Every positive aspect of Johns Creek is a derivative of our economic prosperity. 

Advancing Economic SustainabilityIn essence, Johns Creek taxpayers are “shareholders” of the City with the return on investment coming in the form of safe neighborhoods, dynamic parks, engaging arts and culture and outstanding public services. Johns Creek exists because of the vitality of the exceptional individuals and corporate citizens who call it home. 

Sustaining prosperity relies not only on that solid foundation but on well-planned building blocks that keep reinvigorating the local economic engine.


I will lead the drive to create innovative opportunities to diversify and amplify our local economy. Diversification ensures a broad range of revenue sources to safeguard taxpayers during the inevitable ebb and flow of economic conditions. Amplification means creating a well-planned town center that uses land efficiently. We will achieve these goals by implementing a plan to:

•    Enhances our competitive identity with neighboring communities
•    Protects local neighborhoods from sprawl
•    Creates a downtown sense of place that anchors families for the long-term