On November 8, 2016 voters in Fulton County considered a 5-year Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax for Transportation Purposes (TSPLOST). This referendum was made possible through SB369, which was adopted during the 2016 legislative session of the Georgia General Assembly.

Approved by a majority of Fulton County voters outside Atlanta, Johns Creek could collect approximately $82 million in TSPLOST funds over five years. 

Each Fulton County municipality developed its own list of transportation projects to be funded by TSPLOST. The Johns Creek City Council prioritized the list into three categories or Tier-level projects. Tier 1, the top priority, has 12 projects. The consultants assumed that for the Tier 1 list, the City would only collect 85 percent of the estimated revenue, or approximately $69,687,500.  For Tier 2, the consultants assumed the City would collect 100 percent of the projected revenue, or $81,952,500 million. Tier 2 includes two projects.  If collections exceed 100 percent of the revenue generated by the tax, Tier 3 projects would be funded, approximately $12 million.

View the list of Johns Creek projects here.

For more information about the TSPLOST initiative, including an overview of the associated legislation, potential area projects, upcoming meetings, and more, please visit the Fulton County website.

Provide your input on the concept designs for the TSPLOST projects.

Interactive TSPLOST Maps

Take an interactive tour of Johns Creek's proposed TSPLOST projects.

TSPLOST Infographic

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TSPLOST Infographic

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View TSPLOST Project Visuals and Details
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Residents throughout Fulton County identified transportation as the single most important issue facing the metro Atlanta region in the 2015 Metro Atlanta speaks survey conducted by the Atlanta Regional Commission. 

On July 20, 2016, Fulton County Chairman John H. Eaves and the mayors of 13 cities signed an Intergovernmental Agreement for a Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax for Transportation (TSPLOST) to go before voters.  On Aug. 9, 2016, the Fulton County Board of Commissioners met to formally call for the item to be placed on the November 8 ballot. 

Voters outside the city of Atlanta considered a 0.75¢ temporary sales tax that authorizes transportation projects such as roads, bridges, sidewalks, and traffic signals.  Each Fulton County city, as well as unincorporated Fulton, has selected projects that are important to that community.


Fulton County

  • March 31 – All Fulton Mayors outside City of Atlanta formally agreed to pursue IGA (Intergovernmental Agreement)
  • Feb-May – Jurisdictions develop their list
  • May 30 – Jurisdiction lists are due
  • June 23 – Complete Master List sent to all jurisdictions
  • July 7 – Project list and rate discussed at Official meeting of elected leaders
  • Aug. 9 – Resolution signed by County and forwarded to Election Superintendent
  • Aug. - Nov.  – Voter Education
  • Nov 8 – VOTE


Q.  When was the vote?

A.  During the General Election on Nov. 8, 2016.

Q.  What was the specific question on the ballot regarding TSPLOST?

A.  "Shall an additional 0.75¢ percent sales tax be collected in part of Fulton County outside of the City of Atlanta for Five years for the purpose of transportation improvements and congestion reduction?"

Q.  What types of projects will be funded?

A.  The Fulton County TSPLOST projects are categorized as Congestion Relief / Roadway Projects; Operations & Safety; Maintenance; Pedestrian /Bike-Landscape / Streetscape Projects (see Johns Creek’s prioritized projects here).

Q.  When will the tax be implemented?

A.  Collection will start on April 1, 2017.

Q.  How long will it last?

A.  5 years.

Q.  How much will Johns Creek receive from the TSPLOST revenue?

A.  Approximately $82 million.

Q. Who will manage the funds raised?

A.  All TSPLOST funds will be audited by two separate independent auditors each year. Each municipality will manage its own funds.  Revenue collected from the Fulton County TSLPOST will be distributed to cities in Fulton County (outside City of Atlanta) based on population and will be locally managed and allocated for projects by the local municipality.

Q.  If the referendum passes, what will the total sales tax rate increase to?

A.  The Fulton County sales tax rate will increase from 7% to 7.75%.

Q.  Will this impact other current or future transportation funding? 

A.  The Code states that funds raised by TSPLOST shall not diminish the percentage of state (HB170) or federal funds allocated to Fulton County.