City Hall Open Data

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The Open Checkbook Portal is a financial data portal that shows exactly how your tax dollars are being spent. You can browse payment information by department, vendor, and expenditure type and can easily be browsed through clicks or searched using the search bar. The Checkbook is a continuation of steps taken to open the door on how is spending Johns Creek tax dollars.

To help encourage private-sector innovation and growth, the City of Johns Creek has created a DataHub open data portal to provide the public with free access to data it uses for maps. The initiative makes Johns Creek one of the first city governments in Georgia to open its map-based data without restrictions.

Johns Creek Police Department is the first agency in the Greater Atlanta area to launch an open data portal, enabling citizens, academics, and media to access police data in an interactive online format. Aptly named PoliceView, the portal includes police department statistics, community reports, and their progress towards key goals.