Rogers Bridge Road (Kemper Drive to Bell Road)

Why: The pedestrian connectivity gap along Rogers Bridge Road (from Kemper Drive to Bell Road) is the second prioritized section based on the City’s Sidewalk Policy, which considers proximity to schools, parks, activity centers, accident history, cost, and if sidewalk exists on at least one side of the street. Additionally, this segment would add pedestrian connectivity for six additional neighborhoods to reach the future Cauley Creek Park without having to travel by automobile. 

What: The project would add a trail (wide sidewalk) on Rogers Bridge Road between Bell Road and Kemper Drive. Preliminary engineering is underway (funded in FY22 Budget). 

TSPLOST II Funds: $2.15 million

Total Project Cost Estimate: $2.2 million (balance funded for conceptual engineering in adopted FY2022 Budget) 

Next Step: Engineering to begin in 2022

Concepts: Concept PDF 

Jan. 19 Public Input Meeting Presentation: [PDF]

Rogers Bridge Road Trail map