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Nesbit Ferry Road Improvements

Background: Nesbit Ferry Road (from Holcomb Bridge Road to Old Alabama) lacks pedestrian connectivity and the lack of a center turn lane creates traffic congestion for each vehicle needing to turn across the flow of traffic. 

What: The anticipated project would add a center turn lane and pedestrian connectivity (sidewalk and/or trail) along Nesbit Ferry Road. 

Partner: Roswell owns the road and right-of-way, and the surrounding residential areas to the east are Johns Creek neighborhoods, therefore this project is being done in partnership with the City of Roswell. Roswell specified a Nesbit Ferry Road improvement project on their TSPLOST II project list and set aside $1M to contribute towards the project. 

TSPLOST II Funds: $7.5 million (may decrease if awarded an ARC grant for project) 

Project Cost Estimate: $8.5 million (balance funded in Roswell’s TSPLOST II project list) 

Next Step: Public Information Open House scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 14, 2023 at Mount Pisgah Christian School, 9875 Nesbit Ferry Road (Student Commons)

Nesbit Ferry Road map

Project Concept:

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Public Information Open House Meeting Presentation [PDF]

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