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Congestion Relief

Congestion Relief: $14.2 million set aside – 2 projects – $11.5 million of TSPLOST II funds 

The majority of TSPLOST I funds were focused on traffic congestion relief projects. TSPLOST II sets aside $14.2 million to continue previously identified (but not previously funded for construction) traffic congestion relief projects. The two projects recommended by staff necessitate partnership with others: Nesbit Ferry Road (from Holcomb Bridge Road to Old Alabama Road) in partnership with the City of Roswell and State Route 120 / Abbotts Bridge Road (from Parsons Road to Medlock Bridge Road) in partnership with the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT). Through the construction phase, these two projects are anticipated to utilize $11.5 million of the $14.2 million (leaving $2.7 million for additional congestion relief projects). With Council authorization, staff will begin working on an Intergovernmental Agreement with Roswell (for Nesbit Ferry Road) and working to update engineering as required by GDOT (for Abbotts Bridge Road).