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Medlock Bridge Rd at State Bridge Rd

Improvements to the intersection of Medlock Bridge Road and State Bridge Road. Proposed improvements have not been identified.

This is a Tier 1 TSPLOST project.

TSPLOST Funds: $8 million 


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Previously Presented Alternatives

Background and Process

Alternatives 1-3 of the SR 141/Medlock Bridge Road at State Bridge Road Intersection Improvements – Phase 1 TSPLOST project were shared at a Public Input Meeting on April 23, 2019. These alternatives differed in how the 3rd northbound lane transitioned into a right turn onto St. Ives Country Club Parkway.


After feedback from the public and City Council, staff was tasked with developing Alternative 4. The concept was brought to Council on July 22, 2019. Alternative 4 transitioned from 3 lanes to the existing layout eight-hundred feet (800’) past the Medlock Bridge Rd and State Bridge Rd Intersection.


Because this alternative required changing access to two sites along the corridor, staff was asked to develop Alternative 5. The concept design for Alternative 5 is pictured at the top of this page.

Previous Documents:

View Information Sheet PDF [580 KB]
Project Bounderies [PDF]



Aerial Map

Medlock at State Medlock at State
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