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Barnwell Road Corridor Improvements

The project may include trails, sidewalks, turn lanes, roundabouts, and landcapsing. This is a Tier 3 TSPLOST project.

TSPLOST Funds: $1.5 million


Aerial Map

Barnwell Barnwell

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Barnwell Road is a 2.5-mile, two-lane collector roadway that has several safety issues, such as narrow lanes and shoulders, poor sight distance at many intersections, motorists exceeding the speed limit, and a lack of pedestrian access (no sidewalks or trails) along more than one-half of the corridor.

To solicit public feedback regarding proposed options for Barnwell Road, the City conducted Public Information Open Houses on May 3 at Mount Pisgah and May 11 at Barnwell Elementary School. Residents were provided opportunities to ask City Staff questions, make suggestions, and provide input, and to answer a survey and submit comments. The results of the survey, which began on May 3 and concluded on May 18, are below:

Proposed Options

The City Council has ruled out the option of reclassifying Barnwell Road from a Collector road to an Arterial road, which leaves four remaining options for the Council to review.  The remaining options include leave the corridor unchanged and the following three proposed plans by the City’s Transportation engineers:

Proposed Collector Option 1 
(with roundabouts)


Proposed Collector Option 2 
(with left turn lanes)


Proposed Collector Option 3 
(with medians)