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New Road from Bell Road to Johns Creek Parkway

Project Current Phase:

Project on hold


New location road


 Bell Road and Johns Creek Parkway


Faster travel, better connectivity


City of Johns Creek


Project on hold

Current Issues:

  • Traffic flow for residents from the Bell Road corridor to Technology Park
  • Difficult turning movement from Bell/Boles corridor to access Technology Park or travel north to McGinnis Ferry Road
  • Lack of sidewalks inhibits pedestrian access to future Linear Park and City Hall

Proposed Solution:

  • New roadway connection with potential for sidewalk connectivity   
    • New road will increase options for residents traveling to and from Technology Park 
    • Provides an alternate access route to Technology Park for emergency vehicles
  • Project cost: $2.5 million (2016 estimate)

Anticipated Results:  

  • Safer turning movements 
  • New roadway designed to handle 12,930 cars per day, relieving congestion

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