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Haynes Bridge Road at Old Alabama Road

Intersection Improvement:
Haynes Bridge Road at Old Alabama Road
March 18 Community Meeting:

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Response to Public Comments:

Public Comments [PDF]

Project Current Phase:


Old Alabama Road at Haynes Bridge Road   


 Haynes Bridge Road at Old Alabama Road


Faster travel, less congestion


City of Johns Creek


Construction in 2022

Current Issues:

  • Traffic congestion along Haynes Bridge Road
  • Haynes Bridge Road was designed to handle 12,390 cars/day; currently   handles 18,178 cars/day (47% over capacity)
  • Drivers on Haynes Bridge Road experience heavy traffic throughout the day (rush hour and non-peak hours)

Proposed Solution:

  • Improve the intersection of Haynes Bridge Road and Old Alabama Road
  • Project cost: $5 million
  • Unlikely to pursue federal funds; associated requirements would disrupt the corridor

Anticipated Results:

  • Reduced delay and congestion at the intersection
  • Pedestrian connectivity along the corridor