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Bell Road at Medlock Bridge Road

Project Current Phase:

Completed (March 2021)


Bell Road


 Bell Road at Medlock Bridge Road


Faster travel, congestion relief


City of Johns Creek, GDOT


Completed March 2021

Current Issues:

  • Safety and traffic flow through the intersection
  • Lack of storage space in turning lanes
  • Congestion at the Bell Road and Medlock Bridge Road intersection
  • Lack of sidewalk inhibits pedestrian access to surrounding commercial   properties

Proposed Solution:

  • Addition of left turn lane and separation of through-right lane on Bell Road
    • Accommodates for high left-turning vehicle volumes
    • Creates enough storage space for the left-turners so the through lane does not become inaccessible
  • Addition of pedestrian facilities along Bell Road will promote connectivity to surrounding developments
  • Project cost: $1.3 million (estimated construction)


Bell Road at Medlock Bridge Road

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