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Barnwell Road at Holcomb Bridge Road

Project's Current Phase:

Project Progress


Barnwell Road


 Barnwell at Holcomb Bridge Road


Safer, smoother travel


City of Johns Creek, City of Roswell


Construction in December 2021; anticipated completion in summer 2023

Current Issues:

  • Safety and crashes; traffic flow through intersection
  • Accidents due to steep grade/poor sight distances
  • Congestion during rush hours
  • Lack of accessibility for pedestrians

Proposed Solution:

  • Add turn lanes; reshape and regrade intersection to help traffic flow
  • After engineering, current estimate: $5.8 million 
  • City received $1.6 million in state funds from GDOT / ARC

Anticipated Results:

  • Modeled improvements reduces delay by 78% or 3 minutes and 3 seconds/car
  • Overall project reduces 309 hours of delay each day (considering volume)