Repaving Process


The roadway will be inspected for base failures and marked for repair. The marked areas will be cut out, removed and replaced with stable material to strengthen the road.

Roadway Milling
The existing roadway will be milled (ground up) and removed to provide a better tie-in at driveways and a smoother ride. This will temporarily lower the road. All driveways will be accessible at all times.

Tack Coat Placement

A layer of tack coat (a tar-like substance) will be sprayed immediately prior to placement of asphalt. The tack is a sticky substance that may stick to your vehicle if you drive on it, so avoid it if at all possible.

Roadway Paving

Once the tack has been placed, hot-mix asphalt will be laid to resurface the road. Please don’t drive on just-laid asphalt if possible.


The pavement then will be rolled to compact the asphalt. The asphalt should be safe to drive on within a few hours.
The time required to repave a subdivision depends on several factors: the size of the subdivision, the overall conditions of the streets, weather, and availability of equipment and materials. However, rest assured that we intend to work as fast as quality and time allows. Paving will be done during daylight hours.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.