Barnwell Road Potential Corridor Improvements

The City of Johns Creek is seeking feedback on potential improvements on the Barnwell Road/Jones Bridge Road corridor.  The City previously held two public meetings in May 2016 and over 600 survey responses were received (in-person and online).  Council reviewed the feedback and determined there was a clear consensus to maintain the roadway as a two-lane collector road, improve safety, add pedestrian facilities, and slow down the high-speed traffic.  Following the previous meetings, several corridor improvements were implemented including: 
  • Vegetation trimming (improving sight distances)
  • Installation of radar/speed signs
  • Installation of an approaching vehicle flashing light at Niblick Drive
  • Preparation of asphalt pads for police department enforcement
In addition, City staff coordinated with the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) to proceed with the Barnwell Road/Holcomb Bridge Road intersection improvement project as the first project on the corridor.  That project was included in the Transportation Special Local Option Sales Tax (TSPLOST) Project list as a Tier 1 project and is currently in the right-of-way acquisition phase.

During the public engagement for the 2018 Comprehensive Plan update, staff received a number of suggestions for improvements along the Barnwell/Jones Bridge corridor and therefore, City Council requested staff engage the public to solicit additional feedback. City staff has reviewed the corridor as well as previous public input.  Based on this information, the following intersections along Barnwell Road have been included in the city’s intersection improvement prioritization study (listed south to north):
  • Sandy Lane Drive
  • Niblick Drive
  • Fairway Ridge Drive/Glen Ferry Drive
  • Rivermont Parkway
  • Peak Drive
  • Barnwell Elementary
  • Aubusson Trace
  • Jacobean Entry
Barnwell Road

A number of alternatives are being evaluated at each location to determine the appropriate solution based on operational and safety considerations.  These improvements could include turn lanes, roundabouts, or no change at the intersection, depending on the situation.  Public Input will also play a role in the design solutions at these intersections.

Barnwell Road is a collector roadway and based on feedback from previous public engagement, residents support this designation.  As such, staff is seeking feedback from residents on how to best retain this collector status by reducing traffic speeds, volume and improving safety.  Roundabouts are proven to be safer than conventional intersection designs, and are often more efficient and aesthetically pleasing.  They are an excellent choice to compliment safety, complete streets, and traffic calming objectives along a corridor.  Roundabouts are designed to improve safety for all users, including pedestrians and bicycles.  Most significantly, roundabouts produce slower speeds and less conflict points for vehicles moving through an intersection, greatly reducing the types of crashes with serious injuries.

Please submit your comments and ideas for the entire Barnwell Road corridor.  We appreciate and value your input.   

Take the survey here.