SHIELD (Business Watch Program)

The JCPD's SHIELD Business Watch Program promotes a safer business community through education and crime prevention (see brochure).
The SHIELD program is designed for business owners who want to prevent criminal activities and send a signal to potential criminal elements that they care about their community. There is no cost involved to participate in the program.

To participate, Johns Creek business owners/managers can sign up or the program.

 SHIELD Business WatchIf a crime or incident involving a SHIELD member's business does occur, the JCPD will then have an efficient way of contacting the SHIELD member and advising them of the situation or providing information they may need.

SHIELD offers FREE classes to educate business owners and employees on crime prevention and other safety issues. Some of the classes are in:
  • Robbery Prevention and Survival
  • Burglary Prevention
  • Security Assessment Survey
  • Self Defense Classes
  • Identity Theft Prevention
  • Check and Credit Card Fraud Prevention 


  • SHIELD window stickers signal customers – and would-be criminals – that your business is trained and active in the program.
  • SHIELD provides a link to communicate and network with neighboring businesses.
  • SHIELD creates interactions that help target problems and reach solutions.
  • SHIELD participants receive regular email updates on the latest criminal activities in the community.
For more information on SHIELD, please contact Sgt. Debbie Kalish at 678-474-1587 or complete the SHIELD application and fax to her attention at 678-474-1542.