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Girls & Women's Self Defense Class

The Johns Creek Police Department offers safety and self-defense classes for teen girls and women to learn situational awareness and self-defense.

The classes are free, typically last about 2 ½ hours, and are geared for ages 13 and older.

Girls & Women's Self Defense ClassThe first part of the course consists of a lecture with veteran law enforcement officers describing ways to identify predators, techniques often employed by predators, and ways to outsmart them.

Topics covered include:
  • Instincts and Awareness
  • Mental Mindset
  • Online Safety
  • Personal Safety
  • Home Safety
  • Vehicle Safety
  • Walking Safety
  • Weapons
Classes are taught by Sgt. Deb Kalish at JCPD headquarters, 11360 Lakefield Drive, Johns Creek, GA 30097. Space is limited.

Classes are held from January through June. For class dates, download the police department’s smartphone app, JCPD4Me, and view the Events page. Or, follow JCPD on Facebook.