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Citizens Auxiliary Police Services (CAPS)

Members of the Citizen Auxiliary Police Services (CAPS) assist police in multiple ways, handling many necessary functions that don't require a law enforcement officer.

CAPS members, who are not sworn officers, assist in such tasks as community programs, directing traffic, patrolling parks, conducting residential checks, and helping with administrative work.

Citizens Auxiliary Police ServicesCAPS officers are identified by a white polo shirt and khaki pants, and they drive a white Crown Victoria with Citizens Auxiliary Patrol on the side. CAPS personnel are instructed not to confront criminals, but to report violations of law by radio.

CAPS participants must be a graduate of the Citizens Police Academy and pass a background investigation, interview, and 20 hours of specialized training. Their training consists of:
  • CPR certification / AED / basic first aid
  • Radio communications
  • Basic traffic law and legal concepts
  • Basic traffic direction procedures
  • Departmental policies and procedures / Code of Conduct / Ethics
  • GCIC regulations and information dissemination / Security & Integrity
  • Vehicle operations
  • Defensive tactics
For more information, call Sgt. Tyler Seymour at 678-474-1547 or email Community Services.