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Mission, Values & Patch

JCFD Mission

  • Provide high quality advanced life support medical response;
  • Rescue individuals from life threatening situations;
  • Suppress fires;
  • Respond to calls for service;
  • Ensure safe buildings, homes and neighborhoods;
  • Develop creative, innovative programs that educate the community regarding fire and life safety; and
  • Support community and citizen events resulting in a safe community for all.
Johns Creek Fire Department


JCFD Vision

To maintain the long-standing tradition and history of the fire service while developing a fire organization driven by performance, results and accountability to provide first class life safety, rescue, fire and unique call services to the Johns Creek community in the most cost effective manner with highest customer satisfaction.

JCFD Core Beliefs

S ervice
P erformance
I ntegrity
R espect
I mprovement
T eamwork

Official Patch

JCFD patchThe Johns Creek Fire Department patch is more than just an emblem. Its design symbolizes the long-standing history and tradition of fire service and the new Johns Creek Fire Department. It is proudly worn by the Johns Creek Firefighters.

American & Georgia Flags:  In the upper portion of the patch lie the American flag and the Georgia state flag, representing the pride and patriotism of Johns Creek firefighters who proudly serve this community.

Maltese Cross:  The Maltese Cross is known around the world as a symbol of fire service. It is named after the island of Malta which came to be the home of the Knights of Saint John, who chose the Maltese Cross (Cross of Calvary) as their symbol. During the Crusades the Knights enemies commonly used fire as a weapon, and it was common for a Knight to risk his own life under heavy fire conditions to save the life of another Knight. Hence the Maltese Cross is a fitting symbol of modern fire service.

Hook & Ladder:  To the left of the cross is a pike pole and ladder, sometimes called a hook and ladder. The historic hook and ladder tools have been used for hundreds of years in fire service.

Bugle:  To the right of the cross is a bugle or trumpet. Bugles, which date back to the mid-1700's, were used by fire officers to give command instructions during a fire call.

Black Background:  The black background represents remembrance of firefighters who died in the line of duty.

We welcome you to visit a Johns Creek fire station and see how these symbolic virtues are embodied in the men and women of the JCFD.