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The city's budget allocates the city's annual resources to provide services based on organizational and community priorities. The budget period or fiscal year matches the federal fiscal year, beginning on Oct. 1 and ending on Sept. 30. 

Fiscal Year 2022

2022 Budget Message as adopted (Sept. 13, 2021)
2022 Budget Book as adopted (Sept. 13 , 2021)
2022 Budget Initial Presentation (June 21, 2021)
Budget Book 2022
2022 Budget Book [PDF]

Fiscal Year 2021

2021 Budget Message
2021 Budget Book as presented (June 15, 2020)
2021 Budget Initial Presentation (June 15, 2020)

2021 Budget Book
2021 Budget Book [PDF]

Fiscal Year 2020


FY2020 Budget Presentation [PDF]
FY2020 Budget Book [PDF]

Fiscal Year 2019

FY2019 Budget Ordinance
FY2019 Budget Book (as adopted) [PDF]

Fiscal Year 2018

FY2018 Budget Book_Online
FY2018 Budget Book_PDF [19MB]
FY2018 Adopted Budget PDF [3.7MB]

Fiscal Year 2017

FY2017 Budget

View the FY2017 Budget Book [Online]

Fiscal Year 2016

View FY2016 Budget Book [Online]

View previous years' budget documents via the Tax & Expenditure Database.