Stormdrain Marking

The stormdrains on the sides of the road throughout the city are meant solely for stormwater runoff and nothing should ever be dumped into them.

Pollutants (used automotive oil, trash, yard waste [grass clippings, leaves], excess or improperly applied yard chemicals, sediment, and pet waste) are already being transported by stormwater runoff into these stormdrains... we don't need anything else dumped into them.

Marking each stormdrain with "NO DUMPING – DRAINS TO STREAM" serves as a strong visual reminder that these stormdrains are not to be used any other way. Many groups (scouts, school environmental clubs, and community service organizations) volunteer to mark stormdrains.

It's a great opportunity to help protect our waterways, work with friends and neighbors, or earn community service hours. It also educates residents on the importance of clean water and a clean environment.

Please contact Community Development at 678-512-3200 if you're interested in this ongoing project.

Markers, maps and other materials are provided. Volunteers are asked to return the map showing which stormdrains they marked in order to update an overall map of the city showing marked/unmarked drains.