Permit Directory

Various permits are issued by different divisions within Community Development. The following directory links each permit to the division that issues it and its required form.

Administrative (cell tower, temporary building, ...)

Division: Planning & Zoning
Form: Administrative Permit Application


Division: Planning & Zoning
Form: Film / Event / Public Assemblages Permit
Run / Walk Permit


Division: Planning & Zoning
Form: Banner Permit Application

Building: (residential & non-residential)

Division: Building
Form: Building Permit Application*


Divsion: Planning & Zoning
Form: Fence Permit Application

Land Disturbance

Division: Land Development
Form: Land Disturbance Permit Application & Checklists

Land Use

Division: Planning & Zoning
Form: Land Use Petition Checklist & Application (Rezoning, Use Permit & Concurrent Variance)

Pool / Spa

Division: Building
Form: Pool / Spa Permit Application

Retaining Wall

Division: Building
Form: Retaining Wall Permit Application


Division: Planning & Zoning
Form: Sign Permit Application (also see the Sign Guidebook)

Trade Permit

Division: Building
Form: Trade Permit Application