Building Plan Review

The Building division examines building plans for all residential and commercial structures built or remodeled in the City.


  • Three copies of specifications and drawings to scale with sufficient clarity and detail to indicate the nature and character of the work should accompany the application for a permit.

  • These drawings and specifications should contain information, in the form of notes or otherwise, as to the quality of materials, where quality is essential to conformity with the construction codes.

  • The information should be specific, and the construction codes should not be cited as a whole or in part, nor should the term "legal" or its equivalent be used as a substitute for specific information.

  • All information, drawings, specifications and accompanying data should bear the name and signature of the person responsible for the design.

  • Copies of drawings and specifications will not be accepted with the permit application unless specifically authorized by the design professional.

Design Professional

The design professional shall be an architect or engineer legally registered under the laws of Georgia regulating the practice of architecture or engineering and should affix his official seal to drawings, specifications and accompanying data for the following:

  1. All Group A, E, and I occupancies.
  2. Buildings or structures three stories or higher.
  3. Buildings and structures 5,000 sq. ft. or larger in area.

For all other buildings and structures, the submittal should bear the certification of the applicant that some specific state law exception permits its preparation by a person not so registered.


In general, single-family dwellings (R-3 occupancy), regardless of size, do not require a registered architect nor engineer, nor certification that an architect or engineer is not required. However, the City requires single-family plans be drawn clearly and concisely, showing all elements necessary for a full review. Some elements of construction may require an engineer design.

Title Page

The cover page of the architectural plans must include all necessary and critical data for completing a thorough plan review. This page must include all owners' information, all contractors' information, and all project information.

The project information must include:

  1. Scope (description) of work.
  2. All applicable construction code editions.
  3. Construction Type, Use, and Occupancy Classification (NFPA 101).
  4. Square footage of each floor and basement areas.
  5. Number of floors.
  6. Allowable occupant load and required number of exits.
  7. Zoning classification.
  8. Indicate whether building is sprinklered or non-sprinklered.
  9. Original stamp, date and signature from the design professional.
  10. Page index.
  11. ARC soil vulnerability categories and calculations (only for Chattahoochee River Corridor Development).

Other Requirements

If special inspections are warranted, the plans must include a statement of special inspections, a schedule of special inspections and a listing of qualified persons responsible for those special inspections.

Plan examiner will assume 2,000 psf for soil capacity unless the applicant can provide complete documentation reflecting otherwise.

OCGA Title 25 projects will also be reviewed by the Fire Marshal's office.