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Easter Bunny Hunt

The Easter Bunny and his secret stash of eggs are headed to Johns Creek Parks on Saturday, March 20 and Saturday, March 27! Will you be able to find him? Collect all the clues and find out!

The City will begin releasing clues on the Wednesday before the bunny’s appearance to help our junior sleuths discover his location. One to two clues will be released each day on the city’s social media accounts (FacebookTwitter, Nextdoor) and city website (clues listed at the bottom of this page) revealing fun hints about the secret locations. 

Families and kids who find the Easter Bunny will receive a prize bag of eggs and candy to take home! The bunny will be at the secret location from 9 a.m. to noon. Prize bags will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis (while supplies last). 

Social distancing and all COVID-19 safety protocols will be followed. 

For more information, call Johns Creek Recreation and Parks at 678-512-3200.

Clues for the Saturday, March 27 Easter Bunny Hunt:

Clue #1:
Wahoo! Here we go again…
Scavenger hunt 2 is around the bend. 
Just like the first one from last week,
A little game of Easter Bunny hide and seek.  
With new clues and a new location,
Jump on board, no hesitation.

Clue #2:
Johns Creek is where I like to play,
Visiting new places every day.
So much to see and do,
But to find me you’ll need to use your clue.
The city’s north central area is this location’s home,
The park behind stretches long giving space to roam.

Clue #3:
A Johns Creek owned building is where I’ll be,
Police, fire and city vehicles you might see.
During the week City staff coming and going,
Outside pretty spring flowers are growing.
Do you think you have it figured out?
Serving the citizens is what this place is all about.

Clue #4 - FINAL CLUE:
Yep, you’re right!
City Hall is the site.
Come pop on by,
The Easter Bunny can’t wait to say HI!
He’ll be sitting right out front,
Thanks for participating in our hunt!

Come find the Easter Bunny at City Hall (11360 Lakefield Drive) today from 9 a.m. to noon!