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Help Shape the Future of Johns Creek’s Newest Parks

The Johns Creek City Council approved the following Parks Design Concepts for the City's newest parks: Technology Park Linear Park; and the pocket parks at Morton Road, State Bridge, and Bell/Boles.

Public involvement is key to the success of this new park design project and citizen input will continue help to guide the planning process. Share your ideas by emailing us at

Cauley Creek / Quail Hollow Park Design Concept

View Cauley Creek Concept [PDF]
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View the Cauley Creek Master Plan [PDF]

Approved Parks Design Construction Documents

(Approved by City Council June 5, 2017)
State Bridge Pocket Park
Morton Road Neighborhood Park
Bell / Boles Pocket Park
Tech Park Linear Park

Approved Parks Design Concepts

(Approved by City Council Oct. 10, 2016)

State Bridge Road Pocket Park

State Bridge Pocket Park Document 1
State Bridge Pocket Park Document 2

Morton Road Pocket Park

Morton Road Pocket Park A
Morton Road Pocket Park

Bell / Boles Pocket Park

Bell Boles Pocket Park Document 1
Bell Boles Pocket Park Document 2

Technology Park Linear Park

Johns Creek Linear Park - Conceptual Master Plan
Johns Creek Linear Park Collage A
Johns Creek Linear Park Collage B
Johns Creek Linear Park Collage C


Cauley Creek / Quail Hollow Park

The 192-acre property is located in the eastern half of the city adjacent to the Rogers Bridge Trail and the proposed Rogers Bridge connection to over the Chattahoochee River to Duluth.  The site is mostly undeveloped except for a non-operational water reclamation facility. 

Technology Park Linear Park

The 20-acre property is located adjacent to Medlock Bridge Road, stretching between Johns Creek Parkway and East Johns Crossing. 

City Pocket Parks

Pocket parks are small parks at typically 4 acres or less.  They are designed to serve nearby neighborhoods,have limited facilities, and limited parking.

Morton Road: Morton Road Park is a four-acre pocket park purchased by the City in June 2015. 
State Bridge Park: State Bridge Park is an undeveloped four-acres of property located on State Bridge Road south of Camberbridge Drive. The future neighborhood park is wooded and some preliminary work has been done to delineate a perimeter trail.

Bell/ Boles Park: The pocket park at the roundabout at Bell and Boles roads totals 2.5 acres. As part of the roundabout construction project, the park site was leveled, sodded and landscaped in preparation for future development.