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Share Joy

Share Joy

Congratulations to the winners of our “Share Joy” campaign!
The winners include:

Elementary School Level:

Eloise Hecox, grade 3 – “Super Spring”

Eloise Hecox

Middle School Level:

Sophia Horback, grade 7 – “Peaceful Forest”

Sophia Horback

High School Level:

Macy Fetner, grade 9 – “Small Things”

Macy Fetner

The Share Joy campaign grew from a desire to promote positivity in our community during this time. Participants shared what brings them joy through visual art pieces.
Thanks to our judges – the Johns Creek Arts Center board of directors – who carefully reviewed numerous awesome entries! The winners will be displayed at Johns Creek City Hall.

View all entries below:


Emaline Adel, grade 2

Emaline Adel

Ankush K, grade 2

Ankush K

Lily Brickman, grade 3

Lily Brickman

Emily Grace Chang, grade 3

Emily Grace Chang

Jadee Chang, grade 1

Jadee Chang

Minakshi Chilagani, grade 3

Minakshi Chilagani

Skyla Cho, grade 2

Skyla Cho

Nare Erzrumyan, grade 2

Nare Erzrumyan

Nazeli, Erzrumyan, grade 3

Nazeli Erzrumyan

Sailee Gokhale, grade 7

Sailee Gokhale

Aadya Gupta, kindergarten

Aadya, Gupta

Calvin Hecox, kindergarten

Calvin Hecox

Meredith Hillam, grade 9

Meredith Hillam

Cecelia Hormel, grade 5

Cecelia Hormel

Catherine Hu, grade 9

Catherine Hu

Zaroon Lakhani, kindergarten

Zaroon Lakhani

Dario Liu, grade 6

Dario Liu

Isabelle MacDonald, grade 9

Isabelle MacDonald

Brynn McCullough, grade 6

Brynn McCullough

Abhignya, Panatula, grade 11

Abhignya Panatula

Saina Panatula, grade 3

Saina Panatula

Ovee Panwalkar, grade 2

Ovee Panwalkar

Nolan Patnaude, grade 8

Nolan Patnaude

Samantha Prabakaran, grade 10

Samantha Prabakaran

Sophia Rivers, grade 11

Sophia Rivers

Sophia Rutledge, grade 7

Sophia Rutledge

Sophia Skilling, Pre-K

Sophia Skilling

Maddie Skinner, grade 7

Maddie Skinner

Nadia Sodiq, grade 2

Nadia Sodiq

Nasir Sodiq, grade 4

Nasir Sodiq

Riva Tyagi, grade 4

Riva Tyagi


Deepti Vajapey, grade 12

Deepti Vajapey

Eshal Valummel, grade 4

Eshal Valummel

Nikhila Vincent, grade 8

Nikhila Vincent

Arjun Vora, grade 1

Arjun Vora

Chandler Wilks, grade 8

Chandler, Wilks

Griffin Wilks, grade 1

Griffin Wilks


Margarita Zea, grade 7

Margarita Zea