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JCPD launches D.I.Y. Alarm Line, Non-Emergency Line

January 17, 2020

The Johns Creek Police Department launched two new phone numbers for residents to call – a D.I.Y. Alarm Line and a Non-Emergency Line.

D.I.Y. Alarm Line Instructions

If you’re outside of the city and your home video camera shows a suspicious person or activity at your door, or your unmonitored alarm sounds, the Johns Creek Police Department now has a direct phone number for you to speak to a dispatcher and report the incident. The DIY Alarm Line is 404-843-6680.
In the past, if you observed something suspicious on your camera, you would have to call 911 and ask whichever jurisdiction you were in to transfer you to Johns Creek – losing valuable time. You can now call and immediately tell the Johns Creel dispatcher what is happening.

Non-Emergency Line Instructions

  If you’re out of town and want to speak to a Johns Creek dispatcher for non-emergencies at your home, you can call the Non-Emergency Line at 404-843-6670
If you need police assistance while in Johns Creek, please call 911.
And, the Johns Creek Police Department also offers Vacation Watch, a service where an officer patrols your home each day that you’re out of town. Request Vacation Watch on the City website: https://p2c.johnscreekga.gov/

DIY Alarm Line

Non-Emergency Line